How Expensive Are Corn Snakes?

How Expensive Are Corn Snakes?

Prices for common orange/brown corn snakes often vary between $20 and $50 dollars. The majority of the time, Corn Snakes make excellent pet snakes and can be purchased for a reasonable price from reputable breeders and pet retailers.

How much does a baby corn snake cost?

For example, a Tessera Corn Snake may be purchased for around $250, while a Baby Blood Red Scaleless Corn Snake can be purchased for up to $500. Corn snakes in the regular morph are available for purchase at a reasonable price from some of the major pet retailers.

How much does a rat snake cost?

In the United States, corn snakes are known as rat snakes, and they feed mostly through constriction. However, they are not known to be hazardous to humans. Because of their scarcity, they may fetch up to $4,000 in price. The striped ball python is one of the most endangered species of snake in the planet.

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