What Substance Inside Corn Makes It Pop?

What Substance Inside Corn Makes It Pop?

Popcorn is considered a complete grain. It is made up of three parts: the germ, the endosperm, and the pericarp (the outer covering) (also known as hull). Only popcorn pops when compared to the other three most prevalent forms of corn: sweet, dent, flint, and ear.

The water trapped within the kernel of the popcorn is the cause of its popping. If the kernel is cooked to a sufficiently high temperature, the water in the kernel will turn into steam. A buildup of pressure inside the kernel occurs as a result of the hard and mainly nonporous shell preventing steam from escaping.

What is the science behind popcorn?

What Causes Popcorn to Pop? The Science Behind It 1 A Closer Examination of the Kernel Corn kernels are made up of two layers. 2 The Optimal Popper. When the kernel is cooked, the little quantity of moisture trapped within the kernel converts to steam, which is pushed over the boiling point by the pressured air inside the kernel during cooking. There are three potential stumbling blocks.

Why does a kernel of popcorn burst when heated?

It is necessary to first grasp the structure and makeup of a corn kernel in order to fully comprehend why a kernel of popcorn pops when heated. The key to popping corn is found in the exterior, bright yellow, translucent hull of the corn kernel. When the hull is intact, it is impermeable to moisture and essential in the production of the pressure required to pop the corn.

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What is the yellow part of corn that pops?

Corn’s outer layer is the bright yellow, translucent hull, and it is this layer that is responsible for its popping ability. Because it is impermeable to moisture when intact, no moisture will be released until the hull has been pierced.

What happens when you pop a piece of popcorn?

This rapid release of pressure inside the kernel results in the expansion of the proteins and starch inside the kernel into a foam that cools and solidifies to form the recognizable popcorn puff. The size of a popped piece of corn is around 20 to 50 times greater than the kernel it came from.

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