What To Plant Next To Corn?

What To Plant Next To Corn?

Companions for Corn Plants in Increased Numbers Cucumbers and other vegetables are good companion plants for maize. Lettuce. Melons. Peas. Potatoes. Sunflowers. Please keep in mind that not every plant is suitable for companion planting.

Corn is a good companion crop for beans, beets, cucumber, dill, melons, parsley, peas, potato, soy beans, squash, and sunflowers, among other things. Planting near celery or tomatoes is not recommended.

What are the best companion plants for corn?

9 Plants that are good companions for corn 1 Basil.2 Basil.3 Basil.4 Basil.Every year, I cultivate basil in my garden, and then I bring at least one plant inside to keep warm in my house during the long Alaska winter.

  1. Dill, two dills Dill, or Anethum graveolens, is a herb that does more than simply make pickles taste wonderful.
  2. Three Nasturtiums 4 pods of pole beans 5 potatoes are required.
  3. There are more items.

Where should I plant my corn?

In the morning, planting on the east side of your garden in a north to south direction will provide shade; in the afternoon, planting on the west side of your garden will provide no shade.While it may be the ideal location, you won’t be able to do it every year because crop rotation is really crucial in agriculture.During the growing season, we move our corn to aid with soil nutrients and insect management.

Is corn a good plant to plant near potatoes?

In addition to squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, turnips, sunflowers, and raspberries, there are a number of other plants that should not be planted near these annuals, which are hardy in Zones 3-10 and flourish in milder climes. Is corn, on the other hand, on that list? No. No, it is not the case. Potatoes stand to gain the most from this particular arrangement.

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