FAQ: How Old Was John Franklin In Children Of The Corn?

FAQ: How Old Was John Franklin In Children Of The Corn?

How old was John Franklin Actor in Children of the Corn?

John was 23 years old when he appeared in Corn. He has growth hormone deficiency, which makes him appear younger than his peers.

How old is John Franklin?

Blue Island, Illinois, U.S. John Franklin (born John Paul Salapatek; June 16, 1959 ) is an American actor, writer and former school teacher, best known for playing Isaac Chroner in Children of the Corn (1984), and Cousin Itt in The Addams Family (1991).

Does John Franklin have a disability?

John Franklin “Frank” Stephens (born April 9, 1982) is an American disability advocate, actor and athlete. He has Down syndrome and has often acted as a spokesman for those with the genetic disorder.

How did Isaac die in Children of the Corn?

Isaac is confronted by Gabriel, who was the firstborn of the children, since his birthright was denied due to Isaac having favor for his son instead of him. Gabriel uses his power against Isaac and reveals himself to be He Who Walks Behind the Rows, where he then impales Isaac to the floor, and kills him.

What is John Franklin’s net worth?

John Franklin Net Worth Estimated Net Worth in 2019: $100K-$1M (Approx.)

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Who was John Andrew Franklin Jr?

Stage actor, musician, and writer. Stage actor, musician, and writer.

What is Isaac in Children of the Corn?

Movie info Isaac Chroner was the leader of the death cult in Children of the Corn. A crazed religious fanatic, he is the main antagonist of the films. His second-in-command was the jealous Malachai Boardman.

Who played Cousin Itt?

Felix Silla, the actor best known for playing the hairy Cousin Itt on the sitcom “The Addams Family,” died on April 16. He was 84.

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