How Many Bushels In A Corn Futures Contract?

How Many Bushels In A Corn Futures Contract?

Because each futures contract is worth 5,000 bushels, you must sell a total of ten contracts in order to completely hedge your position.

How many bushels make up 1 corn futures contract?

The CME Asset is a financial asset that is traded on the CME. Corn futures are traded on the Chicago Board of Trade, which is the largest futures exchange in the world (CBOT). Corn is represented by the sign ZC, and one contract of corn is equal to 5,000 bushels. The smallest tick size is 1/4 penny per bushel, with a contract value of $12.50 per contract.

How much corn is in a futures contract?

Corn futures are traded electronically on the Globex® platform from 8:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time to 2:20 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time the following day, with a contract size of 5,000 bushels.

How many bushels are in a CME corn contract?

It is proposed that the trade unit be 5,000 bushels of grain. Corn futures will have a minimum variation of 14 cents per bushel ($12.50 per contract), inclusive of spreads, at all times.

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How many bushels of soybeans are in a futures contract?

Soybeans, for example, are represented by one futures contract that represents 5,000 bushels of beans. Thus, the dollar value of this contract is equal to 5,000 times the price per bushel of wheat.

How much is corn per bushel right now?

The price per bushel shown is in United States Dollars. According to the most recent available data, the current price of corn is $7.9750 a bushel as of May 5, 2022.

How far out can you buy futures contracts?

Sunday through Friday, from 6 p.m. EST, the futures market is open nearly 24 hours a day, nearly seven days a week. Traders may often find a market to trade at any moment during the week, with the exception of the hours of 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., and some markets have additional pauses.

Is corn sold by the bushel?

The bushel of corn is the unit of measurement for corn. A typical acre of corn produces 100 bushels of grain.

How many pounds is a corn contract?

For example, one standard contract of grain will always be equal to 5,000 bushels, and one standard contract of feeder cattle will always be equivalent to 50,000 pounds.

What times do corn futures trade?

Corn Futures

Corn Futures Contract Specifications
Contract Size 5,000 bushels (~ 127 Metric Tons)
Price Quotation Cents per bushel
Trading Hours Sunday – Friday 7:00 p.m. – 7:45 a.m. CT and
Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 1:20 p.m. CT

How are corn futures prices quoted?

In the futures market, the smallest tick for these contracts is a quarter of a cent, or 2/8ths of a penny. If maize was trading at $4.15 1/4 (four dollars and fifteen and a quarter cents), the price would be shown on a quote board as 415’2 (four dollars and fifteen and a quarter cents). The number two symbolizes the fraction 2/8 that has not been decreased.

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How big is a corn contract?

Full contracts (5,000 bushels) and mini-contracts (1,000 bushels) of corn are exchanged on the CME Group’s CBOT trading floor as well as on its electronic exchange system, GLOBEX, in the case of maize.

How do futures contracts work?

  1. Futures are a sort of derivative contract arrangement that allows you to purchase or sell a certain commodity asset or security at a predetermined future date for a predetermined price at a predetermined future date.
  2. To trade futures contracts, often known as futures exchanges or just ″futures,″ you’ll need a brokerage account that has been allowed to trade futures contracts, such as the CME Group.

How much is soybean in futures contract?

The following are the parameters for the soybean futures contract. Contract requirements for soybean futures contracts. 0.25, with a value of $12.50 per contract.

How many bushels are in a wheat contract?

Trade in wheat futures can be done on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), Euronext, Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT), and the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, among other exchanges (MGEX). There are 5,000 bushels per normal contract unit.

What is soybean price?

Soybeans are now selling for $16.8945 a bushel on April 29, 2022, according to the current market price.

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