How Many Bushels Of Corn Per Acre In Illinois?

How Many Bushels Of Corn Per Acre In Illinois?

In Illinois, county yield averages for maize ranged from low to high by 59 bushels per acre, and county yield averages for soybeans ranged from low to high by 23 bushels per acre.

Illinois State Corn Yields (in metric tons) This was 1.4 bushels below the trend yield of 193.4 bushels per acre for maize in 2020, which was 192 bushels per acre in 2019. (see Figure 2).

What is the average bushel per acre of corn in Iowa?

  • Illinois, South Dakota, and Wisconsin are anticipated to produce yields that are 12 bushels per acre higher than the national average.
  • Ohio is forecast to have a maize yield that is one bushel per acre below trend, while Nebraska and Michigan are projected to have yields that are at or above trend.
  • Iowa’s corn production is expected to be 4 bushels below trend, according to projections.
  • A large portion of Iowa has been affected by drought and dry weather.

How many bushels of corn do you plant per acre?

On excellent year’s crop, over 30,000 kernels of corn are planted every planted acre, and corn yields on high CSR soil can reach up to 200 bushels per acre in good years. The USDA estimated the yield of maize in the United States at 168.4 bushels per acre, compared to an average trade estimate of 167.5 bushels per acre and its prior estimate of 168.2.

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What is the average bushel yield per acre in the Midwest?

It is expected that Illinois will produce 203 bushels per acre and Minnesota will produce 200 bushels per acre, both of which are high yielding states in the Midwest. Because the intrinsic productivity of a state is not taken into account, actual yields may not always provide an accurate representation of areas with excellent and low yields in a given state.

Will 2020 be a good year for corn in Illinois?

The actual yield for Illinois in 2020 is anticipated to be 203 bushels per acre, which is 12 bushels better than the trend yield for the same year. This suggests that Illinois’ 2020 will be strong compared to expectations for a year with typical growing conditions. Figure 2 depicts the predicted 2020 yield for maize, less the computed trend yields for all states in the United States.

What is the average corn yield per acre in Illinois?

Corn Yield Per Acre by State: The Top 11 Producing States in 2018

Yield Rankings: 2018
Rank State Yield (bu/ac)
1 Washington 220
3 Idaho 213
4 Illinois 210

What is a good bushel per acre corn?

The corn production in the United States is expected to reach a record high of 177.0 bushels per acre in 2020, which is 5.6 bushels more than the output in 2020 of 171.4 bushels per acre. The area harvested for grain in 2021 increased by 4% to 85.4 million acres, compared to the previous year.

How much is a bushel of corn worth in Illinois?

Obviously, a lot may happen between now and the time of delivery in any year. For corn, a price of $5.25 per bushel is assumed for 2021 and a price of $4.50 per bushel is assumed for 2022. Both prices are much higher than the average price per bushel from 2014 through 2020, which is $3.73 per bushel.

How much does corn pay per acre?

According to their database, the average output is 60 bushels (beans) and 204 bushels (corn) (corn). In light of these figures, maize is expected to yield around $155 per acre, whereas beans are expected to yield approximately $70 per acre.

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What is the most profitable crop per acre?

Bamboo. On a per-acre basis, bamboo is one of the most profitable crops to farm. It has the potential to provide significant cash, but the catch is that it takes around three (3) years for the bamboo to become ″established″ once it has been planted.

How many acres is corn in Illinois?

Corn: The planted area is anticipated to be 11.0 million acres, a decrease of 3 percent from the previous year. Harvested land is expected to be 10.8 million acres in 2020, a 3 percent decrease from the previous year. Based on the circumstances on October 1, the Illinois corn output is expected to reach a record 210 bushels per acre, an increase of 19 bushels over the previous year.

How much is an acre of corn worth 2021?

Farmer returns for maize are expected to be $378 per acre in 2021, while returns for soybeans are forecast to be $305 per acre. These returns are at all-time highs, and they will result in extremely high revenues in the year 2021. Farmer returns for corn are anticipated to be $61 per acre in 2022 and $67 per acre in soybeans in 2022, both of which are much lower than the yields in 2021.

What will corn prices do in 2021?

Corn was predicted to average $5.45 a bushel this year, according to the WASDE’s season average price projection for 2021/22, as of this writing. In order to predict the total acreage for 2022, this is the price that is significant.

What state has the best corn yield?

  1. Among corn producers in the United States, Iowa is the most significant. In terms of maize output, the following are the ten states with the greatest rates: Nebraska has a population of 1,854.60 people.
  2. Minnesota (1,395.50)
  3. Wisconsin (1,395.50)
  4. Indiana (1,027.70)
  5. Michigan (1,027.50)
  6. Kansas (750.60)
  7. Missouri (750.60)
  8. South Dakota (739.80)
  9. North Dakota (739.80)
  10. Ohio (644.60)
  11. Pennsylvania (644.60)
  12. Missouri (548.80)
  13. Kansas (548.80)
  14. Wisconsin (547.20)
  15. Minnesota (547.20)

What will it cost to plant an acre of corn in 2022?

In 2022, total expenses for corn are anticipated to be $1,064 per acre, with non-land costs of $755 and cash rent of $309 per acre, respectively. Total expenses are expected to reach record levels, exceeding the $915 per acre expenditures forecast for 2021 by $149 per acre and reaching above $1,000 per acre for the first time in the industry’s history.

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Who is the largest landowner in Illinois?

  • (KARK) – The word ″KARK″ refers to the city of Krakow in Poland.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates have surpassed their predecessors to become the largest agricultural owners in the United States, with a chunk of their holdings located in the state of Illinois.
  • Farmland area in the United States is owned by the Gates family, according to, who owns a total of 242,000 acres across the country.

How much does it cost to plant an acre of corn in 2020?

Fertilizer costs per acre on a farm According to Schnitkey, on October 22, 2020, total fertilizer expenses per acre for corn (anhydrous ammonia, DAP, and potash) were $94 for corn and $46 for soybeans (anhydrous ammonia, DAP, and potash). Agricultural producers should expect to spend $232 per acre for maize and $106 per acre for soybeans this year.

Do corn farmers make money?

Over the years, the profitability of maize production has been characterized by bursts of great profitability mixed with extended periods of low or flat profits. Figure 1 depicts the revenue, expenses, and net returns per acre for a hypothetical Iowa tenant corn farmer from the year 2000 to the present, demonstrating the pattern described.

How much is corn per bushel right now?

The price per bushel shown is in United States Dollars. According to the most recent available data, the current price of corn is $7.9750 a bushel as of May 5, 2022.

Is Growing corn profitable?

Corn has recently shown to be a particularly successful commodity to raise, thanks to both its large yields and the high prices paid by farmers. Despite the fact that maize is a successful commodity on New York farms, it is also a costly one to grow and harvest.

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