How Often Should I Water My Corn Plant?

How Often Should I Water My Corn Plant?

It is recommended that corn be irrigated once a week for a prolonged length of time. This is superior to daily watering sessions, which only saturate the top few inches of soil and are hence ineffective. Watering at a shallow level will not reach the roots of your corn plants, which can be as deep as 8 inches or as deep as 60 inches, depending on their type.

How much water does a corn plant need per week?

Watering Newly Planted Corn Plants.Once your corn plants have reached a height of around knee height, you may safely reduce your watering schedule to once a week.In the event that you are able to quantify your water use, the acknowledged standard is 1.5 inches (4 cm) of water each week.You should water your garden when the top inch of soil is completely dry, even if you are unable to monitor your water flow.

How do you take care of sweet corn after it matures?

Irrigating Plants in the Growing Stage.If there aren’t any strong downpours, water sweet corn in the morning once a week, giving each plant 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water on each plant.In case the ground is dry, water an area 2 feet in diameter around the base of each plant, and apply the water carefully to avoid it from dripping on the leaves.The competition for water between weeds and sweet maize is fierce.

How do you take care of a corn plant in mist?

  • Water should be misted many times each week.
  • Particularly throughout the growth season, make sure to water just enough to keep the soil uniformly wet but not waterlogged.
  • If the top inch of soil seems dry, water until the water starts to pour out of the bottom of the pot.
  • Reduce the frequency of watering to half during the fall and winter months since the maize plant is dormant and development has slowed.

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