How To Do The Frozen Corn Syrup Trend?

How To Do The Frozen Corn Syrup Trend?

In this new corn syrup food craze, individuals are filling clean water bottles with the sweet syrup after emptying them of their liquid contents. Once the bottles have been frozen for a couple of hours, the outcome is a semi-solid material that they can easily press into their mouths with their fingers.

How do you make the frozen corn syrup trend?

To make corn syrup, all you need to do is pick a plastic container that you can squeeze and pour your corn syrup inside. Place it in your freezer upside down for as many hours as it takes for the hardening process to be completed. The corn syrup will not completely freeze, but will instead become transparent and jelly-like with a sweet taste as it cools.

How do you do the Frozen Honey trend with corn syrup?

Many individuals are experimenting with honey as part of a new fad on TikTok, but nutrition experts warn that their frozen concoctions may have unintended health repercussions. The latest craze involves freezing a bottle of honey or corn syrup — or a mixture of the two — and then squeezing it out and consuming the resultant liquid.

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How do you do the frozen liquid Trend?

All you have to do is pour pure, 100 percent honey into a water bottle and freeze it until it is solid. It was on TikToker’s @daveyrz’s account that we first noticed this trend, which demonstrated that pouring honey into a water bottle and freezing it did not result in the honey freezing to a solid form.

How do you do the Frozen Honey trend?

User’s generally fill a large plastic bottle with a wide hole (like a soda or water bottle), seal it, and place it in the freezer for a few hours (or overnight) before consuming it on TikTok. Basically, they press the container till the honey comes out of the top and then chew it off one piece at a time until they are finished.

How do you make TikTok corn syrup trend?

It is common for a designer to empty a plastic bottle of water and fill it with corn syrup in the viral films, which began appearing near the end of July. Once the bottle has been frozen for many hours, the syrup will have a gelatinous texture that the person may easily suck into their mouth. Afterward, they will discard the bottle.

How do you do the Frozen Honey trend without honey?

You may substitute corn syrup for honey in this trend if you want to create your own tastes. Noemi Nikita (@noeminikita) is a fashion influencer who picked a lemon-shaped, brilliant yellow lemon juice container with an obvious vintage flair for her collection.

How do you do honey trend on TikTok?

Furthermore, it appears that this particular honey craze has some major health-related adverse effects. According to multiple viral TikTok videos, the honey fad involves the following steps: first, you freeze large quantities of honey in containers such as water bottles; second, you squeeze the honey out of the bottle; and third, you bite into it (see video below for more information).

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How long do you freeze honey for the Frozen Honey trend?

This trend does not necessitate the purchase of a certain sort of honey, so be free to make do with whatever you have accessible to you. It’s then only a matter of putting the bottle in the freezer for 24 hours. You may either keep it in the bottle it came in or store it in a separate container altogether.

Can u do the Frozen Honey trend with water?

Fill a water bottle halfway with honey and place it in the freezer for anything from a few hours to a full day to create the naturally sweetened delight. The treat is consumed in the same way that a freeze-pop is — simply press the bottle until the honey comes out of the top.

Why is frozen honey trending?

As a result, the frozen honey craze began to spread. Approximately 900 million views have been generated by the fad on TikTok, with producers posting videos showing people putting honey in an empty water bottle and placing it in the freezer, then squeezing sticky pieces into their mouths, sometimes in anguish and frequently in ecstasy.

What is wrong with frozen honey?

According to health experts, consuming frozen honey on a regular basis may result in weight gain, elevated blood sugar, gastrointestinal difficulties, and the development of cavities.

Who started the Frozen Honey trend?

TikTok users freeze honey inside a plastic water bottle, resulting in a jelly-like consistency that can be squeezed out and bitten into. The social media craze was launched by Dave Ramirez, a 29-year-old Californian who began it in 2013.

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