How To Harvest Corn In Farming Simulator 19?

How To Harvest Corn In Farming Simulator 19?

The following are the tools that you may use to harvest maize in Farming Simulator 19. A particular header and a planter are required for harvesting corn, and these are described in detail below. When your field is not plowed prior to planting, your yields will be 15 percent lower.


  1. Use a cultivator to soften the soil so that the seeds may germinate more easily.
  2. Harvest: Once the grain has matured, harvest the field with a combine harvester equipped with the right header (see this page for further information on determining which header you need).

How do I harvest cotton in Farming Simulator 19?

Cotton is a new crop in Farming Simulator 19, and as a result, there aren’t many harvesting machines ready to handle it. When it comes to harvesting, there is just one option: the CaseIH Module Express 635 combine harvester. It does not require any additional tools or headers to be used; it is ready to use immediately after purchase.

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