Question: How Many Pounds Of Corn In A Gallon?

Question: How Many Pounds Of Corn In A Gallon?

How many pounds of corn are in a 55 gallon drum?

yeah a 55 gallon drum will hold a little over 300 pounds of corn so you are saving a few bucks by buying it in bulk like that.

How much corn does a 5 gallon bucket hold?

I think a five gallon bucket will hold 32lbs of ddgs,about 42lbs of whole shelled corn. Subject: Re: Lbs of feed in a 5 gal. bucket?

How many pounds will 30 gallons hold?

30 – gallon drum holds up to 130 lbs.

How much does 30 gallons of shelled corn weigh?

It will take to fill them up? My 30 gallon feeder took just under 200lbs of corn. Call it 190 lbs give or take.

How heavy is a bushel of corn?

Section 600.TABLE B Standard Weight Per Bushel for Agricultural Commodities

Alfalfa Seed Per Bushel 60 Pounds
Corn, Shelled Per Bushel 56 Pounds
Cotton Seed Per Bushel 32 Pounds
Cranberries Per Bushel 33 Pounds
Cucumbers Per Bushel 48 Pounds
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How much does a gallon of cracked corn weigh?

one gallon equals 8.33 lbs respectively. 5 gallon pail should hold 41.56 lbs considering the rounding up and down on the math.

How much does a 5 gallon bucket of feed way?

Based on my math, a typical 5 gallon bucket holds 0.71 cubic feet of anything you want. Filled with water, it will hold 42 pounds of the stuff, not counting the weight of the bucket (typically 2 pounds.)

How many gallons is a bushel of corn?

1 bushel is equal to 8 gallons.

How much does 5 gallon bucket of feed weigh?

My approximation would be 28 to 36 lbs in a 5 gallon bucket, depending on the base grains used, and the “cut” of the pellets.

How many gallons is a pound of fuel?

How many pounds in a gallon?

Liquid (1 gallon ) Density (g/ml) Weight ( lb )
Cider 1.007 g/ml 8.404 pounds
Crude Oil 0.915 g/ml 7.636 pounds
Diesel ( fuel ) 0.85 g/ml 7.094 pounds
Gasoline ( petrol ) 0.737 g/ml 6.152 pounds


How much does 30 gallon of water weigh?

Water Weight

Weight of water in pounds, stones and kilos for US gallons
Gallons of water Pounds Kilos
29 gallons 241.538 lb 109.56 kg
30 gallons 249.866 lb 113.34 kg
40 gallons 333.155 lb 151.12 kg


How many lbs is a gallon of honey?

Raw wildflower honey in a 1 gallon container which is 12 pounds of honey.

How much is corn a bushel?

Corn was assigned a bushel weight of 56 pounds, while soybeans and wheat were assigned bushel weights of 60 pounds. Some other examples are: Rye at 56 pounds per bushel, barley at 48, oat and fescue at 32, etc.

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How many pounds is a cubic foot of corn?

Corn, shelled weighs 0.721 gram per cubic centimeter or 721 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of corn, shelled is equal to 721 kg/m³. In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 45.011 pound per cubic foot [ lb /ft³], or 0.4168 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³].

How much does a gallon of water weigh?

One US liquid gallon of fresh water weighs roughly 8.34 pounds (lb) or 3.785 kilograms (kg) at room temperature.

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