Question: What Is The Best Fertilizer For Sweet Corn?

Question: What Is The Best Fertilizer For Sweet Corn?

What fertilizer should I use for sweet corn?

Nitrogen fertilizer suitable for fall sweet corn should have a mineral content specifically created to enhance the corn plant’s growth. For corn, use a fertilizer labeled “16-16-8,” which describes the mineral composition in the fertilizer: 16% nitrogen, 16% phosphate and 8% potassium (following an N-P-K formula).

When should I fertilize my sweet corn?

As the Sprouts Grow

  1. Fertilize the plants with a 16-16-8 liquid fertilizer when the corn plants have reached a height of 4 inches, but before it reaches 8 inches tall.
  2. Also add a few inches of organic mulch when the corn is 3 or 4 inches tall.
  3. Fertilize the plants again when they are about 10 inches tall.

How many times do you fertilize sweet corn?

When corn is 12 inches tall it is a good idea to apply a sidedressing of fertilizer. This is especially important on light sandy soils. To sidedress, apply 8 ounces of 10-10-10 fertilizer to every 10 linear feet or row. For best results, work fertilizer into two with a light cultivation.

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What do you feed sweet corn?

Sweetcorn does better if a good supply of nutrients are present in the soil. Ideally we would feed every fortnight with Growmore (nitrogen rich) fertiliser granules for the first two months and thereafter a tomato plant feed every couple of weeks up until harvesting.

Is Epsom salt good for sweet corn?

As a source of magnesium, PQ magnesium sulfate helps plants absorb phosphorus, which contributes to plant growth, flowering and disease resistance.

What month do you plant corn?

Corn is a tender, warm- season annual that is best planted after the soil temperature reaches 60°F (16°C), usually 2 or 3 weeks after the last frost in spring. Corn requires 60 to 100 frost-free days to reach harvest depending upon variety and the amount of heat during the growing season.

Is Miracle Grow good for sweet corn?

Growing Corn When they are about 10″ tall, scatter a slow-release nitrogen based fertilizer like Miracle – Gro Shake ‘n Feed Continuous Release fertilizer, or a specialty high nitrogen fertilizer for corn. Gardeners must be diligent about watering and fertilizing!

Can you over water sweet corn?

A short, daily watering period will only soak the first few inches of soil and may not reach the corn roots at all before it evaporates. On the contrary, if you water deeply on a daily basis, you will overwater your corn, which is just as harmful as not watering enough.

How tall should Sweet Corn get?

Quick Reference Growing Guide

Spacing: 7-12 inches Celery, tomatoes
Planting Depth: 1 inch (seeds) Poaceae
Height: 4-7 feet Zea
Spread: 6-8 inches mays
Water Needs: Moderate convar. saccharata var. rugosa var. saccharata, mays var. rugosa
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Can you over fertilize corn?

Using more than the recommended amount of nitrogen-based fertilizers on corn is a waste of money and could pose environmental risks, two Purdue Extension agronomists say in an updated report.

Why is my corn not growing tall?

Plants in overly watered soil can also exhibit development and growth issues and appear stunted. Another possible soil problem is nitrogen deficiency. Corn demands a lot of nitrogen. Adding a nitrogen fertilizer to soil to replenish this nutrient may help corn that appears shorter than expected.

Which fertilizer is high in nitrogen?

Fertilizers that supply the most nitrogen include urea (46-0-0) and ammonium sulfate (21-0-0). Due to its high nitrogen content, urea can damage plants when applied neat, so it’s often sold mixed with other agents.

Is blood fish and bone good for sweet corn?

Best Sites & Soils Choose a warm sheltered, sunny position, protected from strong wind, on any fertile garden soil. Add up to two bucketfuls of organic matter, such as rotted manure, and also rake in Blood, Fish & Bone fertiliser before planting. Sweetcorn is less successful on dry or heavy soil.

How do you Fertilise sweet corn?

Prepare the ground by digging in lots of garden compost or well-rotted manure. Then rake in a high potassium general fertiliser, such as Vitax Q4, at a rate of three handfuls per square metre/yard. Sweetcorn is wind pollinated, so plant in blocks rather than rows, to maximise pollination.

How often should you water corn?

Corn needs about 1 inch of water a week, particularly when the stalks begin to tassel. Water stress during pollination will result in ears with lots of missing kernels, so don’t skip watering your corn patch. Apply water at the soil surface by using a soaker hose or drip irrigation.

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