Readers ask: How Many Pounds Of Corn In A 55 Gallon Drum?

Readers ask: How Many Pounds Of Corn In A 55 Gallon Drum?

How many pounds is a barrel of corn?

RE: How many pounds of corn will a 55 gallon feeder hold? to be precise.a US Bushel is 2, 219 cubic Inches.. 55 gallons is 12, 705 cubic inches corn is 56 pounds per bushel Soooooooo drum roll.

How many pounds of corn is a gallon?

Member. one gallon equals 8.33 lbs respectively. 5 gallon pail should hold 41.56 lbs considering the rounding up and down on the math.

How much can a 55 gallon drum feed?

It depends on the volume of feed per pound, but I can normally store about 250-300 lbs of layer feed or rabbit pellets in a 55 gallon drum.

How many pounds of corn are in a 30 gallon drum?

It will take to fill them up? My 30 gallon feeder took just under 200lbs of corn. Call it 190 lbs give or take. Get 200 lbs and then just dump the rest on the ground by the feeder or somewhere else.

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How much does a 55 gallon drum of thinner weight?

55 – gallon drum. Additional information.

Weight 450 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 in
Sizes 4 Quarts, 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons, Gallon, Quart

How much does a super sack of corn weigh?

Gross Weight: 43,428lbs.

How many corn will a 5 gallon bucket produce?

Place two or three bricks in the bottom, taking care not to block the holes, to weigh down the container so it doesn’t tip over from the tall plants. Alternatively, growing corn in 5 – gallon buckets is an option. Prepare the buckets in the same way, and plant one plant in each bucket.

How much deer corn does a 55 gallon drum hold?

A 55 gal drum will hold right at 400lbs of corn.

How long does corn last in feeder?

Usually 3-5 seconds per. Your feeder will be out of corn in 2 1/2 weeks.

How many pounds of wheat are in a 55 gallon drum?

I think it is about 6 bushels in a 55 gallon drum. 60 lbs in a bushel of wheat.

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How tall is a plastic 55 gallon drum?


Gallon Height Diameter
55 35″ 23″
35 34″ 19″
30 29″ 19″
20 26″ 15″


How long will a 30-gallon feeder last?

I throw twice a day for 4 secs. each time. Will last 2 months at that rate as long as you don’t adjust the height of spinner plate. Each throw is 1#, so it throws 2# a day.

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How many pounds is 31 gallons?

31 gallons = 258.85 lb wt. 41 gallons = 342.35 lb wt. 51 gallons = 425.85 lb wt.

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