Readers ask: How To Make A Corn Feeder For Deer?

Readers ask: How To Make A Corn Feeder For Deer?

How many acres do you need for a deer feeder?

A good rule of thumb is one feeder per 100 acres, depending on the local deer density and habitat quality.

What is the best thing to put in a deer feeder?

Late Summer / Early Fall — Provide acorns, corn and soybeans. These are among deer’s favorite foods. Fall and Winter — Cereal grains including oats, triticale, and wheat. Cool season legumes such as clovers, alfalfa and winter peas attract deer and provide nutrition.

How do you hog proof deer feeder?

Use 3-foot-high mesh fencing or, preferably, 4-foot-high hog wire and T-posts to build a fence to encircle your spin feeders or mineral sites. The enclosure should be at least 40 feet across with the feeder in the center. Posts should be no more than 8 feet apart.

Do PVC pipe deer feeders work?

You can also use a straight piece of PVC without the elbow and have it a few inches off the ground so when they eat more drops. A friend of mine did that and it worked well. You can also build a base out of ply wood for it to some down on.

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How long does it take deer to get used to a feeder?

This process typically takes at least two or three weeks. You have to be diligent during this transition period to see how the herd is reacting to the new food source.

What do deer like better than corn?

Peanut butter has physical properties that will help deer hang around in front of your trail cameras better than corn. It tends to leave a longer-lasting residue than corn, so whitetails stick around wherever you smear it.

What can you put in a deer feeder besides corn?

Feeding deer a variety of feed which includes various sources of nutrients stimulates their natural environment which is awash with diverse food sources. This allows them to thrive better than just feeding them with corn most of the time.

  • Oats.
  • Soybeans.
  • Alfalfa.
  • Rice Bran.
  • Creep Feed And Formulated Food Mixes.
  • Corn And Hay.

Do deer like soybeans or corn better?

Beans offer a great meal which include the whole plant not just the pod. Beans are normally harvested before the corn. Come hunting season the corn offers better cover and is standing longer. Deer will definitely bed down in corn fields before bean fields.

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