What Is A Good Corn Yield Per Acre?

What Is A Good Corn Yield Per Acre?

Corn is considered to be a staple in the diet of the normal household.On excellent year’s crop, over 30,000 kernels of corn are planted every planted acre, and corn yields on high CSR soil can reach up to 200 bushels per acre in good years.The USDA estimated the yield of maize in the United States at 168.4 bushels per acre, compared to an average trade estimate of 167.5 bushels per acre and its prior estimate of 168.2.

The yields of corn ranged from around 5 to 15 tons per hectare, depending on the variety (80 to 239 bushels per acre). Farms in France, the United States, and South Africa had the highest yields, according to the study. The average amount of area utilized for corn production varied greatly amongst farms, ranging from 0.16 hectares to 1,870 hectares (0.4 to 4,621 acres).

What is the average cost of an acre of corn?

2019 will be the year of the corn crop.It is expected that corn will provide $738 worth of crop revenue per acre in 2019.This is based on a 208 bushel yield per acre and a $3.55 per bushel pricing in 2019.Depending on the year, the average maximum and minimum cost per acre in the corn divisions is from $215 to $260 in the cash grain division and from $187 to $234 in the dairy and animal division, respectively (Table 1 ).

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What state has the highest corn yield per acre?

Arkansas 183 State Corn Yield during the 2017 growing season 2016’s top 11 states for corn yield per acre are shown below. The following were the top 11 corn yields by state in 2016: Rankings of Yields: Rank State Yield (bu/ac) for 2016. 1st place Washington 235th place Oregon 230th place Arizona

How accurate is the USDA corn yield guide?

However, even though the growing season has only just begun, the purpose of this corn yield guide is to establish a baseline of information to keep in mind. It’s important to note that, while the USDA’s May yield estimate (178.5) is higher than the trend-average (176.9), the USDA’s estimate was generated by using a model that assumed typical planting conditions and weather.

What is the average yield of corn per acre?

The corn production in the United States is expected to reach a record high of 177.0 bushels per acre in 2020, which is 5.6 bushels more than the output in 2020 of 171.4 bushels per acre.

What’s a good corn yield?

The USDA projects that total corn acreage harvested for grain in the United States will reach 84.5 million acres in 2021, up from 82.5 million acres in 2020. According to the most recent crop report, the national average corn yield in 2021 will be 174.8 bushels per acre, representing a decrease of 4.9 bushels per acre from the NASS yield estimate in July of this year.

What is the highest yield of corn per acre?

David Hula is no stranger to high-yielding farms, having worked in them before. His production of 616 bushels per acre this season surpassed the previous world record of 542 bushels per acre, which was achieved by Hula in 2017. Hula had previously set the record of 542 bushels per acre in 2017.

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What state has the highest corn yield per acre?

2017’s top 11 states for corn yield per acre are shown below.

Yield Rankings: 2017
Rank State Yield (bu/ac)
1 Washington 225
2 Oregon 212
3 Idaho 203

How much do farmers make on an acre of corn?

In the same way, the values for 2021 are forecasts. In 2020, the predicted corn output is 228 bushels per acre, and the projected corn price is $4.25 per bushel, resulting in crop revenue of $969 per acre in 2020.

How much profit does an acre of sweet corn make?

Sweet Corn Crop Guide

Estimated Cost $500 to $1000 per acre up to harvest
Yield Potential 240-300 crates/ac (5 doz ears/crt)
Profit Potential $0 to $1,200 per acre
Adapted Areas Statewide
Labor Requirements 2 man-days per acre during harvest, machine harvest potential

How much is an acre of corn worth 2021?

Farmer returns for maize are expected to be $378 per acre in 2021, while returns for soybeans are forecast to be $305 per acre. These returns are at all-time highs, and they will result in extremely high revenues in the year 2021. Farmer returns for corn are anticipated to be $61 per acre in 2022 and $67 per acre in soybeans in 2022, both of which are much lower than the yields in 2021.

How many corn seeds are planted per acre?

In order to maximize net returns, it is estimated that planting 34,000 seeds per acre for irrigated corn and 24,000 to 30,000 seeds per acre for rainfed corn with 30-inch row spacing will generate the greatest net returns on average.

How do you maximize corn yields?

15 Ways to Boost the Yield of Your Corn Crop

  1. Plant at the most opportune times. When it comes to increasing crop output, timing is everything. Planting at the right moment is critical.
  2. Crop rotation should be practiced.
  3. Understand the Yield Potential.
  4. Always scout your fields before entering them.
  5. Fertilizers should be used.
  6. Analyze Your Soil.
  7. Weeds can be controlled with herbicides.
  8. The quality of the seed
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How many corn plants are there in an acre?

Planting Corn according to the Rules of Thumb When all of this is taken into consideration, farmers may make a general conclusion regarding the optimal quantity of seeds per acre to plant: 30,000 seeds per acre. Although this figure is approximate, it may differ based on the type of irrigation your crop utilizes and the distance between rows.

What is high yield corn?

″Plant nutrition is critical in producing high yield maize. It all starts with the nourishment of the plants. Increased maize yield means more plants, and if you have more plants, you must ensure that they are properly fed,″ the summary below states. ″You need to organize them in smaller rows if you want to succeed. In addition, you must have the appropriate hybrid vehicle.″

Where is the best corn grown?

State-by-state corn production in 2019: the top 11 states

Corn Production Rankings: 2019
Rank State Production (M bu)
1 Iowa 2583.9
2 Illinois 1846.2
3 Nebraska 1785.4

What state grows the best sweet corn?

Pennsylvania’s good ranking places it first in the country. On June 30, 2021, 1.38 million acres of maize were planted in Pennsylvania, according to the USDA’s acreage report for the state of Pennsylvania. Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee each had 82 percent good-to-excellent ratings for corn, which was the second highest in the country.

What will corn prices do in 2021?

Corn was predicted to average $5.45 a bushel this year, according to the WASDE’s season average price projection for 2021/22, as of this writing. In order to predict the total acreage for 2022, this is the price that is significant.

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