When Did Henry Blair Invent The Corn Planter?

When Did Henry Blair Invent The Corn Planter?

Blair was a prosperous farmer who invented two ideas that assisted him in increasing his production. On October 14, 1834, he was granted his first patent, which was for a corn planter. At appearance, the planter was similar to a wheelbarrow, with a compartment to contain the seed and rakes dragging behind to cover the seed in the back.

Who invented the corn planter?

The Mechanics’ Magazine is a publication dedicated to the mechanics of everyday life (August 6, 1836) – Corn Planting and Harvesting Machine – A free man of color by the name of Henry Blair has built a machine known as the corn-planter, which is currently on display in the nation’s capitol of Washington, D.C.

What did William Blair invent in 1834?

Following his first success as a farmer, Blair went on to distinguish himself as a good inventor. Blair got his patent for his mechanical corn seed planter on October 14, 1834, which was the first day of the month. Designed to look like a wheelbarrow, Blair’s corn planter is equipped with a chamber in the bottom that disperses the seed.

How did Henry Blair’s planter work?

  • This is simply an adaption of Blair’s corn planter that has been modified for cotton production.
  • Cotton planters were similar in appearance to wheelbarrows except that they were outfitted with two blades that divided the dirt and a cylinder that scattered the seeds in to freshly ploughed grooves behind the blades.
  • According to historical records, Henry Blair died in Maryland in 1860 of undetermined circumstances.
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How did the planter work in 1836?

The second patent, for a cotton planter, was granted to him on August 31, 1836. In order for this device to function, it needed to divide the ground using two shovel-like blades that were being dragged along by a horse. A cylinder propelled by a wheel trailed behind it, dropping the seed into the freshly plowed earth.

Why did Henry Blair invent the corn planter?

For farmers, Blair’s corn planter resulted in more efficient crop planting and a higher total output as a result of the improved efficiency. Mechanics’ Magazine published an article in 1836 in which it was speculated that Blair’s innovation would ″save the labor of eight men.″ In 1836, Blair received a patent for his mechanical cotton planter, which was first used in 1837.

What was the first corn planter?

His first innovation, the Seed-Planter, was patented on October 14, 1834, and it enabled farmers to plant more corn with less work and in a shorter amount of time than they had previously. Henry Blair is a fictional character created by author Charles Dickens (inventor)

Henry Blair
The drawing of the Seed-Planter by Blair used on the patent application in 1836.
Born Henry Blaire 1807 Glen Ross, Maryland, United States
Died 1860

What was Henry Blair known for?

Farmers and inventors believe him to be the second African-American to possess an American patent for his invention of two gadgets to increase agricultural output. He was born in the South and raised in the Midwest. Blair was born in the Maryland town of Glen Ross in 1807. There is little information available regarding his early life or family history.

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What is the corn planter?

Corn planters are horizontal machines attached to a tractor that mechanically cut trenches, drop kernels of corn into the trenches, and cover the seed with earth once it has been planted. The devices make use of a disc or drum that opens to release the seed and a hydraulic blower to propel each individual kernel through the machine.

Who invented corn harvester?

The Gleaner Harvester Combine Corporation, which was founded in 1930, invented the world’s first automated corn harvester. Approximately 7,000 years ago, Indians of Central America produced the grain that is now known as maize, according to researchers.

What did Henry Blair patent?

Henry Blair was given U.S. patent 8447X for a corn planter on October 14, 1834, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is worth noting that there are numerous significant aspects of this patent. First and foremost, relatively few patents from this period have survived since the majority of America’s patent records were lost in a fire in 1836.

Did Henry Blair go to school?

Henry Blair was the only inventor to be designated as a ‘colored man’ in the Patent Office’s records, and he was also the only one to be born in the United States. Henry Blair was uneducated and unable to read or write, but he possessed a natural aptitude for creation, and he did not let his race, lack of education, or other disadvantages of the period to hold him back.

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