Why Do People Eat Corn Starch By Itself?

Why Do People Eat Corn Starch By Itself?

A condition known as pica is characterized by cravings for cornstarch that are habitual in nature. Pica is a hunger for items that are not traditionally considered to be food, such as dirt, chalk, paper, charcoal, or uncooked carbohydrates, among others. Amylophagy is the term used to describe the sort of pica in which someone consumes uncooked carbohydrates such as cornstarch.

Is corn starch harmful to your health?

In spite of the fact that maize starch is commonly used in cooking, it has little nutritional value on its own. If you have been obsessively eating it for more than a month, you are likely to have been diagnosed with pica, which is defined as compulsive eating of nonfood objects. Pica may be hazardous to your health in several ways. 1. Determine whether you have any risk factors for pica.

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